Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Stephan King;
            Next year we would like to invite you out to Sussex Regional High School. It would be a fantastic opportunity for you to let everyone in our school that doesn’t know much about you learn a lot. Also you could be of some help influencing students in our school to become future writers when they grow up. Let them know how awesome it feels to have something you wrote be out there and have other people read your work of art that you worked for hard on.
                Coming to Sussex would be a short and nice venture for you. It is a nice and peaceful drive for you to relax and get away from where you’re used to. We have a very nice town with tons of beautiful murals and were otherwise known as Cow Town for our huge model cow and acres of farm land. Seems how was just a small place you would be one of the greatest people to ever visit here. The spotlight would be on you the whole time you’re here.
            How about some inspiration for a new novel? The perfect place to get all this would be in Sussex we have covered bridges and mines that would be perfect in some of your horror stories that you come up with. I couldn’t think of anything better than you writing another novel that would sell over thousands of copies worldwide about our small town. If you came here everyone in the town would find out and you would get a lot more publicity and sell a lot more books.
            So here’s the deal you pay us a visit and spend some time at our High School and you get a lot more publicity and sell a lot more books? Plus on the bright side you’re doing a very good thing to help students of our school. I believe that sounds like a pretty good offer don’t you? Next Halloween I hope you come up and give us a good scare.

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