Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Mr. King,
                I am a grade 10 student enrolled in the school, Sussex Regional High School. I am writing to you today to try and convince you to come and visit our school. Why bother you might ask well, I have some very good reasons why you should come.
One reason is it would be a great way to promote your novels and to enrich our knowledge of literature. I am sure that all of the students, including me, will want to hear about you and your very popular novels.
Another would be you don’t live too far away from our small town of Sussex so it’s very convenient for you. The cost of gas would not be too high and it’s not a very long drive.
We also have some great attractions for you to see if and when you do come such as our beautiful murals all over the town and our covered bridges. We would be delighted to show you around our small but friendly town.  There is also our ice caves which would probably be a great idea for a new book.
I know that you are probably very busy and you might think that this is the waste of time but I assure you that if you do come it will be greatly appreciated. We have another writer visit our school and they were treated with respect and he was made very much at home here at our school and I promise you get the same treatment probably better if you decide to come.
So in conclusion all of us would love to see you come to our little town and visit our school Sussex Regional High School. We can’t wait for your response and see if you decided to come or not. We will not be upset if you decide not to come to Sussex either way we will wait for your response eagerly.
Sincerely yours,

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