Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Mr. King

Dear Mr. King,

     I am currently a grade 10 student enrolled in the grade 10 English program.  Lately I have had the privilege of learning more about the work that you do.  Our school, Sussex Regional High School, has recently started a group to encourage you to visit our school for a day. 
     We consider the fact that you are a busy man, and if you had the time, why would you even want to come to such a small school/town like ours, but you would be a great inspiration for the people in this school and the potential writers. 

     The expense of gas may be another problem, but New Brunswick is not that far away, and we will make it well worth your time and money. 

     How about a little bit about Sussex?  Sussex is currently the mural capital of Atlantic Canada, with 25 murals; we hold one of the few Annual Balloon Fiestas, one weekend in the month of September, and an annual Flea Market.  Sussex is also well known for its covered bridges. 

     Sussex Regional High School is one of the few schools in Canada, and we have recently built a new school theatre that we would like you to try out. 

    Not only will this experience benefit us, but you as well. Coming to our school would be a great way for you to promote your wonderful novel, and this small town may even be an inspiration for a setting to write a new novel.  What is creepier than old covered bridges in the middle of nowhere, the potash mines, or our many ice caves?

     We have had others visit in the past such as Herb Curtis, an author and our lovely Queen Elizabeth.  Although we have had these great people come and visit our little town, we, the students of Sussex Regional High School, were too young to really remember, or we were not born yet. 

    The people of Sussex are a very kind people, and we are not trying to be pests by pressuring you in any way, but we would really appreciate if you would even just consider coming. 

     Please come and enrich our knowledge of literature.  Inspire us, and we too can inspire you.

                                                                                              Yours truly,

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  1. I thought this was a very well written letter and hope that Mr. King decides to come to Sussex.