Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Stephan King;
            Next year we would like to invite you out to Sussex Regional High School. It would be a fantastic opportunity for you to let everyone in our school that doesn’t know much about you learn a lot. Also you could be of some help influencing students in our school to become future writers when they grow up. Let them know how awesome it feels to have something you wrote be out there and have other people read your work of art that you worked for hard on.
                Coming to Sussex would be a short and nice venture for you. It is a nice and peaceful drive for you to relax and get away from where you’re used to. We have a very nice town with tons of beautiful murals and were otherwise known as Cow Town for our huge model cow and acres of farm land. Seems how was just a small place you would be one of the greatest people to ever visit here. The spotlight would be on you the whole time you’re here.
            How about some inspiration for a new novel? The perfect place to get all this would be in Sussex we have covered bridges and mines that would be perfect in some of your horror stories that you come up with. I couldn’t think of anything better than you writing another novel that would sell over thousands of copies worldwide about our small town. If you came here everyone in the town would find out and you would get a lot more publicity and sell a lot more books.
            So here’s the deal you pay us a visit and spend some time at our High School and you get a lot more publicity and sell a lot more books? Plus on the bright side you’re doing a very good thing to help students of our school. I believe that sounds like a pretty good offer don’t you? Next Halloween I hope you come up and give us a good scare.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Mr. King,
            My name is Laura and I am writing to you about how our school has offered you to come and talk to us. There are many reasons why that you should come to our school. One of them is that you would be treated like a celebrity. Since Sussex has not seen many important people such as you, the town would greet you warmly and with great gusto. They would pamper and provide you with all the necessities that celebrity gets. Your face would be in the paper for weeks on end about how you sir came to Sussex. Who wouldn’t like to be treated as such?
            Another reason that you should come to Sussex is that you would inspire students at the school to pursue a more creative writing technique. The students would be excited to see you also because they have read most of all of your books to date. It would make them quite happy to meet the author of those books.
            Coming to Sussex could also inspire you to create a new book based on our quaint town. The fresh air that you would receive in the town would make the gears in your head turn with so many ideas and plots for a new novel. Wouldn’t you enjoy that now?
            But then again, Sussex is a small town that no one cares about. And why would you come here anyways? But no, this small town has many tourist attractions that you could come see while you are here. We are the mural and dairy capitol of New- Brunswick and you could have a guided tour of all the magnificent murals that our local artists have created. And once you are tired of looking at murals and cows, you can watch the balloons that come all around the world for our annual balloon fiesta. WE not only have balloons at the fiesta, but have games and rides that you could play and ride on.
            So once again, you Stephan King, should most definitely come and visit our small town that could inspire you to write another horror novel. Our town would welcome you like the king that you are. Not only would you come and inspire the students here at Sussex Regional High School, but you may visit the areas and our landscapes.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Mr. King,
                I am a grade 10 student enrolled in the school, Sussex Regional High School. I am writing to you today to try and convince you to come and visit our school. Why bother you might ask well, I have some very good reasons why you should come.
One reason is it would be a great way to promote your novels and to enrich our knowledge of literature. I am sure that all of the students, including me, will want to hear about you and your very popular novels.
Another would be you don’t live too far away from our small town of Sussex so it’s very convenient for you. The cost of gas would not be too high and it’s not a very long drive.
We also have some great attractions for you to see if and when you do come such as our beautiful murals all over the town and our covered bridges. We would be delighted to show you around our small but friendly town.  There is also our ice caves which would probably be a great idea for a new book.
I know that you are probably very busy and you might think that this is the waste of time but I assure you that if you do come it will be greatly appreciated. We have another writer visit our school and they were treated with respect and he was made very much at home here at our school and I promise you get the same treatment probably better if you decide to come.
So in conclusion all of us would love to see you come to our little town and visit our school Sussex Regional High School. We can’t wait for your response and see if you decided to come or not. We will not be upset if you decide not to come to Sussex either way we will wait for your response eagerly.
Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Stephen King:

            We at Sussex Regional High School would like to give you the once and a life time chance to visit our quaint little town. Now, I know that there are hundreds of reasons not to come. Although, those hundred are nothing compared to the thousand why you should. Not only will you get the extraordinary experience of meeting the fine, well-mannered students of SRHS, you will also gain publicity for yourself and for the community, inspire many young readers and writers as well as teachers and last but not least you may even acquire new story ideas. As you can see this is a chance that you just simply cannot refuse.
            Firstly, think about the publicity you can gain by the very easy decision of coming to our little town. When you come you are not arriving until late October, by that time you will most likely already have a manuscript on the works. Even though you are already quite a well-known author more publicity couldn’t hurt. Sussex isn’t the largest of towns, you coming here would help put us on the maps.
            Secondly, you will get the awe-inspiring chance to prompt students into the field of reading and writing. Many of our students don’t enjoy the pass time of reading. You could be the one to push them in the right direction. Now, wouldn’t that be fulfilling? You could also have the opportunity to nudge them in the field of writing. How would you feel if you were the one to discover the next great author from SRHS.
            Thirdly, you may even inspire new story ideas for yourself. Think of it now, the mines in Sussex go on for miles wouldn’t that be the perfect setting for a gruesome, frightening horror story. If that doesn’t interest you, you could also use one of our many covered bridges or even one of the dozens of big, old farms (You never know a cow could go killer) as a murder site. Now, Sussex not only has many great places to base murders on we also have some very “interesting” people. Not to frighten you away of course but everyplace has their odd ones; …Sussex just has a few more.
            You may still be thinking negatively of coming to our little ol’ school. Perhaps the thought, ‘I’m too busy’, has crossed your mind. Well, the truth is no you’re not. You have a little less than a year to plan around this. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘It’s a waste of time’. How so, didn’t you just read three fantastic reasons why coming to Sussex would be a great experience for you? And lastly you may even be thinking, ‘Sussex is such a small town, what would I do?’, Granted it is a small town, just over four thousand people, but remember it not the size that matters, it is the great experience you’ll have and an experience is promised. Sussex is the dairy and mural capital of New Brunswick, if you don’t want to look at the cows look at the murals and if you get tired of looking at our beautiful hand painted murals, you can have the wonderful joy of watching our well-groomed, slightly poop-covered cows again. Where’s the boredom in that?
            As you can see coming to little ol’ Sussex would be a fantastic opportunity. You will get to add to your already giant publicity. Also you will inspire many young students with their reading and writing. Lastly, aid you with new inspirations for settings, plots and even characters. We at Sussex will treat you like the ‘King’ you are, so you see the question you should be asking yourself isn’t why come, it’s when can I get here? 
 Sincerely yours,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Stephen King,
SRHS wants you to come to our little old school. We want you to come inspire and teach us about writing. You could come and see the sights. You would even get lots more publicity for your new book. You could even treat coming to Sussex like a vacation.
When you decide to come to Sussex, you would inspire a lot of the students at SRHS to follow their dreams and become writers. A lot of us at this school adore you’re books and would like nothing more than to see you in person. By just writing you have inspired a good majority of teens to write, imagine what would happen if you came in to our school and talked to us or maybe even taught us something.
When you come to Sussex you could get some new ideas for your next book. Sussex has a lot of great scenery like the covered bridges and we have a lot of cows. You could write your next book about killer cows on a covered bridge. See already an idea and you’re not even in Sussex yet. You could unlock a whole new world of stories when you come to Sussex. We even have the largest cow statue and her baby.
You may ask yourself why go to such a small town? Well small towns have their benefits. For one the air is much cleaner than big cities. You would have a lot of publicity because nothing big ever happens in small towns. You would also be in the spot light most of the time. But the up side to being in a small town is that you can get away from all the spot lights and go back to a quaint little B&B and write down all your great new ideas for all those new books.
So you see the question is not why go to Sussex, it is how long do I have to wait to get to Sussex? You will have the chance to inspire and teach us kids. You will get lots of publicity for your work. You will possibly get new ideas for some of your upcoming books and you will get some clean air. What more could you ask for?
Sincerely yours,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Mr. King,
 I am writing you to convince you that you should come to my school “Sussex regional high school” on October 31st, 2012. Sussex is a great place to live in my opinion, and I really think you would enjoy your visit here in Sussex, we have many good and interesting qualities about our town; we have the mines which would be a cool spot you could get a tour through, we have the balloon fiesta every year which a cool and exciting thing that goes on in Sussex, the queen came to Sussex cause she realized it was such a great and peaceful town.
We are the mural capital of Canada; there are murals everywhere throughout Sussex. The murals represent all of our agricultural that our town has, from ginger ale to Sussex dairy products. If you are a fan of golfing we have a very nice and well-kept golf course and it’s not too challenging either. If you like cows Mr. King then you for sure have to come to Sussex. Sussex would be a great spot you too maybe start brainstorming about another book.
Since I know you’re a huge red sox fan, if you come to our school two weeks early or so you will be able to watch our baseball team which are the same colors as the red sox, and maybe just as good too. The day you are invited to come is of course Halloween and since our school has serious sonic swag many kids will be dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Then our school picks the best costume.
So Mr. King I listed many reasons why you should come to our school and to our town, but most of all our school wants you to come I want you to come to our school. Please Mr. King I know you want to come to our school.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Stephen king,
I am a grade ten student from Sussex Regional High School. My school would like to know if you would consider visiting our school here in Sussex.
Sussex is a quiet, friendly and peaceful little town found in New Brunswick. You might think that it would be a waste of time to come to Sussex but it would benefit you in many different ways. If you were to come to Sussex it could give you a couple new ideas for a novel. Here in Sussex we have a couple different things that attract attention. Here in Sussex we have twenty-six murals around town which is why Sussex is known as the mural capital of Atlantic Canada. Also just outside of Sussex we have eight covered bridges that are about 10 minutes out of town which is why we are known as the covered bridges capital of Atlantic Canada.
Sussex is also known as Dairytown, because we have many farms that surround Sussex. Here in Sussex we have a statue of the world’s largest cow, which is 12 feet high and 16 feet long, which is a tribute to our dairy heritage. So if you were to come to Sussex, you could see our wonderful cows here in Sussex. Every year here in Sussex during the summer, we host Atlantic Canada’s largest balloon fiesta where close to 35,000 people come to watch balloons take off, visit the amusement park and attend a free concert.  If you need a little vacation, Sussex would be a good place to come to relax, because there is no major traffic or events that occur in Sussex. Sussex has over 4,000 residents and 35,000 people around the area, so if you came to Sussex, you would be the main focus.
If you were to come to Sussex, people that don’t know you around here would get to know who you are better and might try reading some of your books. Although our town isn’t the biggest place in New Brunswick but it probably has fresher air then other places. Sussex has various shops and restaurants to visit like our clothing stores and book stores. Also Sussex has a variety of activities to do while you’re here, such as walking the bluff, visiting the parks and museums, skating at our rink. Also while you are here in Sussex, you could visit the surrounding towns and cities around Sussex such as Saint John, Moncton or Fredericton. I hope you take into consideration of visiting our little town Sussex, New Brunswick.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Stephen King,  
            I am Emily, a student from Sussex regional high school. Sussex is a small rural community which is known for the agricultural surrounding the town. As you know the teachers invited you to come to our school to tell your life and career experience. I am one of many students that would love for you to come and visit. Through this letter I will be explain to you why Sussex is worth coming to.
            First I’ll talk about Sussex and how special it is. People often call us ‘Cow Town’ because we have a lot of agriculture. We have many farms, and a lot of country side. It’s a peaceful and quiet place. We are also Mural capital of Atlantic Canada; our town is covered of historic murals telling the stories of our town. If you can come you could get a tour of the murals. Our town hostess many huge events, the annual Atlantic festival; where people come all over to watch a weekend full of balloon watching. The flea market also attracts people from all around to come to find some treasures. We Sussex citizens are very polite and kind, and we will make you feel welcomed and at home.
            Next I will talk about how your visit will help the student at SRHS. There are many students at the high school that enjoy reading and writing. But the teachers would like more students to be interesting in reading and writing. If you came many students and teacher would be inspired to become interest in writing and reading. They will also learn how to become successful and the difficulties in the business.
            This would also be great experience for you too. Coming to a small rural town and experience our different cultural could inspire you to write a book. It will make your image more positive to the press for coming to unfamiliar school and giving them advice and inspire their literature program in our school. The distance from Maine to Sussex is very convenient.
            It would be a great honour for our town and for the student if you came to Sussex; thank-you for taking your time and giving our school a chance. I hope you will consider this.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Stephen King,
                I am writing to you in regards to Halloween 2012. We as Sussex Regional High School are asking you to visit us in Sussex, New Brunswick. You are probably asking yourself you you’d do such a thing but that easy. Mr. King our town is tiny but we have so much to offer you if you did come. Our school would be privileged if someone like you came. SRHS has never had an author of your standards attend our school.
                I realize you’re busy, probably writing more scary novels or something, but you live in Maine, and if you think about it it’s a drive away. We’re like your neighbors. So why wouldn’t you want to come? Are you scared… maybe of our cows? Whatever the case may be, if you decide not to come many people will be disappointed. So come and I’m sure you won’t regret it!
                Also, if you like a quiet and peaceful place to relax and maybe experience a new setting for ideas to inspire you for a future novel, Sussex is the place to be! You could enjoy a tour through the underground mines or travel around the nearby areas and go through our many covered bridges. One visit here would change your life! No where’s is like it! Sussex is filled full of possibilities. Come and see for yourself!
                SRHS would be a gold mine for you. If you came, you could use this opportunity to sell or publicize your books! I’m sure people here would love to buy and autographed copy of any novel you have wrote.
                Face your fears and come on down!
                The choice is yours…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear Mr. King,

            I am a grade 10 student at Sussex Regional High School.  We are seeking you.  It is a big deal for our little dairy town.  There has already been a write up in our local newspaper.

            Now, I am sure you are asking why come to little old Sussex?  It is a waste of time.  I am sure a big shot like you has better things to do.  Well sir, if this is what is going through your mind, then you sir are cold hearted and closed minded.

                You see sir, here in Sussex we would love to have you make a presentation in our newly renovated theatre.  You have a lot to offer eager students like myself.  When you come to Sussex, you will not only be considered one of the great people who have visited here, like the Queen herself, but you will be able to inspire and teach the young minds of many eager high school students.

            We know it can be an expense to you; however, New Brunswick is not that far from Maine at all.  We also understand that you could be uncomfortable, but the great thing about the staff and students of SRHS is we will make you feel as comfortable as we possibly can.

            Another thing Mr. King, when you come to Sussex there is plenty of opportunity for new novel settings.  Some of these opportunities include our covered bridges and our potash mine.

            I hope you take everything I said into deep consideration and get on up here to our dairy town.  When you think about it sir, it is a win-win situation.  You get to inspire students and have a possible best-selling novel and us as students have the opportunity to learn from a literature icon.



Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Stephen king:
            I just want to let you know that getting you to come here is going to be like convincing someone to change their favorite color. It doesn’t happen hands down. Now Stephen you’re a busy Man with a job to do. To entertain the world with scary stories and provide the Simpsons tree house of horror, Halloween special with material. So why don’t you just sit at home with a nice hot beverage and have some down time. I’ll tell you why because you are better than that!  Your Stephen king!  Writer, home owner family man and writer of 49 bone chilling, nail biting, teeth grinding novels. Now all you need in your life is a trip to sunny Sussex New Brunswick. I know what you’re thinking “I’m too scared the people of Sussex are going to make me nervous I just want to sit in a corner and write books all day”.  Well the queen came here and you must be braver than a little old lady. My grandmother is the head of her quilting group and she stands up in front of people every Tuesday and Thursday. You’re so much better than that! There is about 20 000 people in Sussex and the surrounding areas that could potentially be new readers of your scripting. 20 000 more people to inspire. 900 of these people you will see face to face which will keep the inspiration juice for us flowing even more. By the time you leave there will be a big inspiration waterfall left in the town of Sussex. A Stephen King waterfall of inspiration, imagine that. So come on down to sus town this year and tell us about writing down fear.
Sincerely yours Alex

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Stephen King,                                                                                                                     
I believe you should come and visit the wonderful land of Sussex New Brunswick. You need to come here immediately. To my knowledge you would be the only famous writer to ever visit this town.
Imagine, being the author in a town with 3000 people. You may think that’s not a very big number, but, it is like a compressed version of a large city. The appreciation you may get from New York will be violently forced into a small town. People here will literally treat you like a god. All you have to do is get the heck to Sussex.
I heard you have been to New Brunswick before. But, the rest of New Brunswick isn’t even one tenth as good as Sussex. We have cows, I mean, come on. The cows may make everything smell awful, but, as soon as you get out of here you’d swear you actually miss the smell.
Think about it, every second you are not in Sussex you are having an emotional tragedy, you just don’t know it. Everyone thinks that Sussex is the gateway to the Fundy experience, but, it is actually the gate to the Stephen King appreciation academy. People here need you. You need the people. You need to be in Sussex.
You’re a horror writer, right? Of course you are. If you’re so scary than why would you not come down for Halloween. It wouldn’t even make sense for you not to come. Halloween without a scary guy is like a restaurant serving cold food, it just doesn’t work.
I’ve heard people call you the king of horror, I call that balderdash. You don’t want that do you? For me to call you balderdash? Well come here and prove me wrong. That’s the only way Mr. King, just come here and proves everyone wrong.
Remember the ice-cream guy who said you’d never amount to anything? Of course you do, you probably wrote a book about him. Now imagine punching that guy in the face. Imagine getting that exact feeling from coming to a town. That’s what going to Sussex feels like.
So, are you brave enough to finally come here? To prove me wrong? To punch that ice-cream in the face? And to have the time of your life in a town that just wants to see you. Then do it. Come to Sussex.

                                                                                                                                                              Yours truly,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Stephen King.
I am a student from Sussex regional high school in New Brunswick. If you don’t think you would travel to New Brunswick you might as well stop reading now. We have a school with around nine hundred people, and I know that a lot of them are big fans of your books and movies. I am a fan myself. I love your movie, IT.
We have had famous people come to our school before like Brian Mello. Coming to our school would be really good for your publicity. When you come in October everyone will be dressed up for Halloween, and all of the houses will be decorated with lights and pumpkins on their front porches. When you’re in Sussex you might even see something or do something that gives you an idea for a new story or movie. Sussex is also the mural capital of Atlantic Canada and we have a lot of things to do like, go bowling, watch one of our school hockey teams play hockey, watch our football team, walk or bike in some of our many trails around the town, or you could even go trick or treating when your hear on the thirty first. When you’re on your way here you should pick up a costume or bring one form home if you would like, but don’t dress up as a hunter cause that idea has already been taken!
When you come here you could help people and tell them how you got started with writing and how you became so famous. You can tell people how to make their stories better and what to write and what not to write. We are a very friendly town and will treat you like you like the queen when she came. We have a very nice hotel you have stay in called the Amsterdam Inn, and we have a lot of very nice restaurants. When you get hungry you have to go to a restaurant called Buchanans their food is amazing.
You have to come to our school it would be good for you and our whole town. You will have a blast when you come, and if you don’t you would miss out on one of the best times you could ever have, and miss out on meeting all of the great students and teachers at Sussex regional high school.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Mr. King;
            I’m a grade 10 student from Sussex regional high school from a town called, well, Sussex (New Brunswick)! I’m one of the 900 students on a mission called “Get Stephen King”! That means we want YOU, Stephen King, to come to OUR school, Sussex regional high.  Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Why should I do this for such a small town?” We may be small but you know what they say small is mighty.
            Coming to our school would be the perfect opportunity to promote your books. With coming here, everyone would be curious as to what books you’ve written. Even the English teachers would probably read something by you with their classes.
Here’s another idea to ponder; it wouldn’t be hard to get the inspiration you need to write a new novel in Sussex. There are too many places to count where something dark and mysterious could happen. We have spooky pot ash mines and creepy ice caves, and old covered bridges, some of which can’t be used anymore. The last thing I will say is that coming to our school in our small town of Sussex would truly inspire all of us. It would help us to see our true potential. We know about the famous Stephen King but in our town, much less, school could inspire our students to see what they can do if they really set their minds to it.
So, Stevie, can I call you that?! You should be able to see that its not you doing us a favour, but the other way around for us letting you come! You get the chance to inspire us as students, you get amazing ideas for your novels, and you promote your books all the while! I know if I were in your position, I’d jump on the opportunity to come to Sussex regional high school.
Sincerely Yours,
Dear Stephen King,
I’ve never read your books before, actually.  However I know most of your books are spooky and scary. 
Since I volunteer in the library, I get to see many authors’ books.  Last Saturday, when I look around the shelves to make the books in their places, I saw a really empty shelf.  Usually one shelf hold about 17 books, but the shelf had only 4 books. I thought the author who wrote the books must be very popular, and it was you!  A lot of people borrow your books.
Someday if I wanted to try some scary book, I will try yours!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Stephen King,
            I am not going to lie to you. You are needed in Sussex. Think of it as a mission of sorts. Children in this fair valley are getting bored and border every day from lack of amazing and outstanding authors. As hard as that may be able to believe, it’s true. And, as well as saving children from a boring future, there are some interesting aspects of Sussex! For example, we have out wonderful murals, you would be an extremely big deal, and it isn’t that far of a drive.
            First of all, children look up to you. You are the HERO to some, and an inspiration to others. So just think about how amazing it would be to them if you, Stephen King, walking our fair halls of Sussex Regional High School. You could even find inspiration here! I can just imagine all the wonderful ideas that could spawn just from seeing all the happy faces of students looking up to you. Literally.
            Also, our murals are what make the valley of Sussex a real gem. You know, Sussex is the mural capital of Atlantic Canada. Our murals provide outstanding scenery and, although it’s been said a lot in the previous two paragraphs, can also lead to inspiration. You won’t see any murals like ours anywhere else, except maybe in a famous art museum.
            We happen to know that you live in Maine, Bangor to be exact. So it’s a small four or five hour drive to get to Sussex. Not that far when you think about it. Maybe two tanks of gas, but I’m sure the teachers in the school would be more than happy to pay that small amount of money for you if it’s to get you here! Many people from Sussex drive to Bangor and back every weekend, and they do it with a smile on their face when they think about how close Sussex is to Bangor!
            But, like most places, there are some drawbacks of Sussex. One being that we are a tiny, tiny town. We don’t have a large population, so you might not get as much publicity as you could in a big city. But just think of it! Sussex has a quaint little feel to it, and you’ll probably get a bigger welcome because of the lack of famous people.
            So there you have it. You are NEEDED in Sussex, mister King, sir. We’re ready to introduce you to our friendly faces, our amazing murals, and our big publicity in our papers. We will welcome you with open arms. We need Stephen King.
Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Mr. King

Dear Mr. King,

     I am currently a grade 10 student enrolled in the grade 10 English program.  Lately I have had the privilege of learning more about the work that you do.  Our school, Sussex Regional High School, has recently started a group to encourage you to visit our school for a day. 
     We consider the fact that you are a busy man, and if you had the time, why would you even want to come to such a small school/town like ours, but you would be a great inspiration for the people in this school and the potential writers. 

     The expense of gas may be another problem, but New Brunswick is not that far away, and we will make it well worth your time and money. 

     How about a little bit about Sussex?  Sussex is currently the mural capital of Atlantic Canada, with 25 murals; we hold one of the few Annual Balloon Fiestas, one weekend in the month of September, and an annual Flea Market.  Sussex is also well known for its covered bridges. 

     Sussex Regional High School is one of the few schools in Canada, and we have recently built a new school theatre that we would like you to try out. 

    Not only will this experience benefit us, but you as well. Coming to our school would be a great way for you to promote your wonderful novel, and this small town may even be an inspiration for a setting to write a new novel.  What is creepier than old covered bridges in the middle of nowhere, the potash mines, or our many ice caves?

     We have had others visit in the past such as Herb Curtis, an author and our lovely Queen Elizabeth.  Although we have had these great people come and visit our little town, we, the students of Sussex Regional High School, were too young to really remember, or we were not born yet. 

    The people of Sussex are a very kind people, and we are not trying to be pests by pressuring you in any way, but we would really appreciate if you would even just consider coming. 

     Please come and enrich our knowledge of literature.  Inspire us, and we too can inspire you.

                                                                                              Yours truly,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Live at 5:

Thank you very much for your interest and excellent coverage of our rather unique literacy project on the power of persuasive letter-writing.

Your interviewer was very skilled at putting our students at ease, and those who saw the resulting news story last night were so impressed with the process of rendering the hour-long interviews into such a neat and concise story. We hoped to show it to the rest of our students today; however this particular clip was not available on your website, so I was hoping that you could send us a link to it.

SRHS Seeking Stephen King: a Literacy Initiative is a year-long event to try and entice this reclusive best-selling author from Maine to visit our town of Sussex, New Brunswick, next October 2012.

A few years ago, visiting authors such as Sally Armstrong and Carla Gunn, challenged our students to become engaged in issues that matter to us, such as the plight of Women in Afghanistan or Environmental concerns and to change the world one step at a time. "The power of the pen" starts with one letter, or one email, or one fax at a time. They can address political, human rights, environmental concerns, whateve Multiply this by a thousand students and staff, coupled with an effective media campaign, and who knows what will transpire to make Stephen King magically appear.

We have a year, and probably not every student will buy into this and write a letter, but we can be very persuasive. Now, we just need the students to “think aboud dit … and make Mr King an offer he can't refuse.”