Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Stephen King.
I am a student from Sussex regional high school in New Brunswick. If you don’t think you would travel to New Brunswick you might as well stop reading now. We have a school with around nine hundred people, and I know that a lot of them are big fans of your books and movies. I am a fan myself. I love your movie, IT.
We have had famous people come to our school before like Brian Mello. Coming to our school would be really good for your publicity. When you come in October everyone will be dressed up for Halloween, and all of the houses will be decorated with lights and pumpkins on their front porches. When you’re in Sussex you might even see something or do something that gives you an idea for a new story or movie. Sussex is also the mural capital of Atlantic Canada and we have a lot of things to do like, go bowling, watch one of our school hockey teams play hockey, watch our football team, walk or bike in some of our many trails around the town, or you could even go trick or treating when your hear on the thirty first. When you’re on your way here you should pick up a costume or bring one form home if you would like, but don’t dress up as a hunter cause that idea has already been taken!
When you come here you could help people and tell them how you got started with writing and how you became so famous. You can tell people how to make their stories better and what to write and what not to write. We are a very friendly town and will treat you like you like the queen when she came. We have a very nice hotel you have stay in called the Amsterdam Inn, and we have a lot of very nice restaurants. When you get hungry you have to go to a restaurant called Buchanans their food is amazing.
You have to come to our school it would be good for you and our whole town. You will have a blast when you come, and if you don’t you would miss out on one of the best times you could ever have, and miss out on meeting all of the great students and teachers at Sussex regional high school.


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