Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Stephen king:
            I just want to let you know that getting you to come here is going to be like convincing someone to change their favorite color. It doesn’t happen hands down. Now Stephen you’re a busy Man with a job to do. To entertain the world with scary stories and provide the Simpsons tree house of horror, Halloween special with material. So why don’t you just sit at home with a nice hot beverage and have some down time. I’ll tell you why because you are better than that!  Your Stephen king!  Writer, home owner family man and writer of 49 bone chilling, nail biting, teeth grinding novels. Now all you need in your life is a trip to sunny Sussex New Brunswick. I know what you’re thinking “I’m too scared the people of Sussex are going to make me nervous I just want to sit in a corner and write books all day”.  Well the queen came here and you must be braver than a little old lady. My grandmother is the head of her quilting group and she stands up in front of people every Tuesday and Thursday. You’re so much better than that! There is about 20 000 people in Sussex and the surrounding areas that could potentially be new readers of your scripting. 20 000 more people to inspire. 900 of these people you will see face to face which will keep the inspiration juice for us flowing even more. By the time you leave there will be a big inspiration waterfall left in the town of Sussex. A Stephen King waterfall of inspiration, imagine that. So come on down to sus town this year and tell us about writing down fear.
Sincerely yours Alex

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