Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Mr. King,
            My name is Laura and I am writing to you about how our school has offered you to come and talk to us. There are many reasons why that you should come to our school. One of them is that you would be treated like a celebrity. Since Sussex has not seen many important people such as you, the town would greet you warmly and with great gusto. They would pamper and provide you with all the necessities that celebrity gets. Your face would be in the paper for weeks on end about how you sir came to Sussex. Who wouldn’t like to be treated as such?
            Another reason that you should come to Sussex is that you would inspire students at the school to pursue a more creative writing technique. The students would be excited to see you also because they have read most of all of your books to date. It would make them quite happy to meet the author of those books.
            Coming to Sussex could also inspire you to create a new book based on our quaint town. The fresh air that you would receive in the town would make the gears in your head turn with so many ideas and plots for a new novel. Wouldn’t you enjoy that now?
            But then again, Sussex is a small town that no one cares about. And why would you come here anyways? But no, this small town has many tourist attractions that you could come see while you are here. We are the mural and dairy capitol of New- Brunswick and you could have a guided tour of all the magnificent murals that our local artists have created. And once you are tired of looking at murals and cows, you can watch the balloons that come all around the world for our annual balloon fiesta. WE not only have balloons at the fiesta, but have games and rides that you could play and ride on.
            So once again, you Stephan King, should most definitely come and visit our small town that could inspire you to write another horror novel. Our town would welcome you like the king that you are. Not only would you come and inspire the students here at Sussex Regional High School, but you may visit the areas and our landscapes.


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