Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Live at 5:

Thank you very much for your interest and excellent coverage of our rather unique literacy project on the power of persuasive letter-writing.

Your interviewer was very skilled at putting our students at ease, and those who saw the resulting news story last night were so impressed with the process of rendering the hour-long interviews into such a neat and concise story. We hoped to show it to the rest of our students today; however this particular clip was not available on your website, so I was hoping that you could send us a link to it.

SRHS Seeking Stephen King: a Literacy Initiative is a year-long event to try and entice this reclusive best-selling author from Maine to visit our town of Sussex, New Brunswick, next October 2012.

A few years ago, visiting authors such as Sally Armstrong and Carla Gunn, challenged our students to become engaged in issues that matter to us, such as the plight of Women in Afghanistan or Environmental concerns and to change the world one step at a time. "The power of the pen" starts with one letter, or one email, or one fax at a time. They can address political, human rights, environmental concerns, whateve Multiply this by a thousand students and staff, coupled with an effective media campaign, and who knows what will transpire to make Stephen King magically appear.

We have a year, and probably not every student will buy into this and write a letter, but we can be very persuasive. Now, we just need the students to “think aboud dit … and make Mr King an offer he can't refuse.”

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