Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
Small towns and big dreams, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard our school was trying to invite you, Stephen King himself to a place like Sussex.  But my perseverance took over and here you find me, sending a letter to one of the most beloved authors of our generation asking him to place have a visit to Sussex Regional High School.
It would be an honour to have a great creator of art such as yourself in our small town. Although I have not read any of your book, I have been several of your movies, including the Green Mile, which was brilliant beyond imagination. I am also very aware of your talents as an author and have certainly noticed your popularity around out school.
I’ve learned over the years that you have grown up and lived in a small town like Sussex, so I think a trip across the border would be a fun, productive and beneficial trip not just for you, but for the students of Sussex Regional High School who have been asking for your appearance here.  We’ve had book drives and received over 60 of your book in our school library, but that can hardly compare to having you, Stephen King himself in Sussex.
The students of Sussex Regional High and I thank you dearly for taking the time to read our numerous letters and we ask that you please accept our request for you to come visit our great school here in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
I would like to start off by saying what a radical person you are!  Your ideas blow my mind and the fact that you grew up in a small town similar to mine, yet became such a renowned writer is extreme.  Our school has been doing so much to try to get you to come.  We have had a book drive to help fill our library with your words of wisdom.  We have been raising awareness of your newest book 11/22/63.  We have banners in the lobby with you on them, Mr. King, YOU!  That is right we have your face hanging in all its glory front and center at Sussex Regional High School.
Stephen, may I call you that?  Sussex is a small town with a BIG history.  We are the mural capital of Atlantic Canada, the Dairy Center of the Maritimes and we are also the Covered Bridge Capital of Atlantic Canada.  We used to be a gigantic train town; we have a large non-operating train station that now serves as a visitor information and an epic ice cream parlour.  All these factors along with a large military history might just be able to give you all the information your mad (in a good way) brain needs to crank another amazing story. 
Just taking a walk through Sussex you can smell our Dairy air and check out things like our old school pharmacy and historic buildings like the Jones Place B + B.  Now that place has some stories to it!  But, let me tell you, the owners tell them much better than I ever could.  So you are just going to have to get down here and have a chat with Phil and Deb yourself.
So really, if you don’t come to Sussex you are completely missing out on a extravaganza of epic proportions that would be very exciting for you.  The people of Sussex, LOVE you and we want you.  We would be ecstatic to rack your brain and hear everything you have to say.
Yours Truly,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
We really want you to come visit our School.  It is in a small town called Sussex and from what I hear it is a lot like your hometown in Maine.  There are a lot of fans here at our school but I’m not really into horror I’m more of a comedy type of guy.  So don’t take it personally.
Our school has done a book drive with your books now we have about 60 of your in our library.  We also showed some of your movies in our theatres. We also showed some of your movies in our theatres. We also watched a trailer to Show shank redemption in our classroom.  And then of course we are all writing letters to you.
I have watched one movie of yours which was the Green Mile which I didn’t know was yours until I started researching.  Now I want to watch 1408.  I don’t think I would read the books of yours because well, I don’t like reading.
So I hope to see you next year.  I also think you would inspire some of our students.  If you came you would see a lot of happy people and we went through a lot of work to get you here!
Go Red Sox!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
I am writing to you in hopes of persuading you to visit our school, Sussex Regional High School.  I’m sure you have already read many letters asking for the same privilege and are ready to change your mailing address, I would be.
Out of honesty: I have only seen one of your movies and never cracked open one of your books, (neither books nor film greatly interest me) but I read your short story “The Women in the Waiting Room”.  I envy your imagination and enjoy your writing style.  As well, I enjoyed your references to Salvador Dali’s painting as I enjoy his work. 
Lastly, I would like to say that the Green Mile is one of my favourite movies I have ever seen. It is an intriguing story of the blessings and curses and the cruelty of human kind.  As long as I live that movie will stick in my mind. 
Anyway, I guess I should sign off with the point of this letter, the school of SRHS would like to invite you to our school.  I understand you are busy but the school would greatly appreciate your appearance.
Thank you

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
Our school is always trying to get students to read and write better.  Other authors like Beth Powning, Sally Armstrong and Herb Curtis have come to our school to talk to students about the importance of reading and writing.  We would love to have you join this important group of authors.
While you are here you can travel around and see places like, the ice caves, the bluff and our nice covered bridges and maybe include our province in one of your stories.
Mr King, we would love to have you come, you are a popular author of our generation and we would like to meet you.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
I’m sure you’ve read a lot of letters from all of the kids at my school, so I won’t write too much.  Sussex Regional High School would be greatly appreciated if you actually came and visit us.  Over the past few months many activities and changes have happened to our school, from posters in our lobby, to having a Twitter page about trying to get you to come.  I think you would like Sussex, it is similar to Maine.
Thank you very much for your time to read this.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
Up until two years ago I didn’t even know your name.  Then one day my sister came home with The Dead Zone, she said that it dramatically changed her life.  Since then I have read several of your books including Salem’s Lot, The Dead Zone, Pet Cemetery, and the three Dark Towers. The latest one I read was The Green Mile.  My favourite character was John Coffery.  Since the beginning John really spoke to me.  It was so sad when he died; I hoped right up to the end that he would live.  The line with John Coffery’s last tears really touched me.  The ending summed up the story very good even if it wasn’t happy. This book was so good I read it in under a week.  I am almost done Eyes of The Dragons, when I finish I plan to start Insomnia.  I can’t wait for the JF Kennedy assassination one.