Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

I am writing as part of our school's Seeking Stephen King project.  If I ever had the opportunity to meet you, I would be full of questions to ask.  The one that sticks out the most is where you get your inspiration from.  I've heard many second-hand accounts, but it would be great if I could hear from the author himself.  From my understanding, you have had a tough past, but you have written several novels and short stories, so there must be some other source you are getting your ideas from.  It appears as if you have a wonderful imagination and lots of messages to get across.  I have always wondered what goes through your head when you are in the middle of an intense story.  I would like you to know I appreciate your talent for writing, and I recognize it takes a lot of effort to be constantly coming up with new ideas.  I encourage you to continue writing, and maybe someday I will get the chance to ask you these questions in person.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

I would highly enjoy if you came to Sussex Regional High School.  If you came you wouldn't even have to pay for your own lighting crew.  I would be willing to do the lights right here in the school if you decided to come.  My friends and I would not mind doing the lights for you plus we just got new lights and everything last year.  We redid the whole theatre and new equipment. 

I hope to see you soon,

Alex Carpenter

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Mr. King,

Now is the time!  We students have been badgering you for almost a year now to come visit our humble school in Sussex, New Brunswick.  You must have seen hundreds of letters by now.  If you are flattered, than come to our school and you will enjoy ten times the flattery.  On the other hand, if you are incredibly annoyed, than I say just come pay a small visit anyways and the letters will likely stop (emphasis on the likely).

Either way, we would most definitedly appreciate it if you stopped by, even for a short while.  Come enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh air, and show us that you care about young students interested in your work.  See you soon!

Impatient SRHS Student.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Mr. S. King,

It has come to my attention that a lot of your books take place in a small town: well I have just the place for you.  My suggestion would be my very own town Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.  I suggest this town because of the potential for a horror book or even a movie in which Sussex passes, to begin Susses is at a very critical stage in its growth.  the stage is Sussex potentially becoming a city; I myself disagree with the idea, and there lays the opportunity for a novel.  The plot could consist of the twon's people rebelling against the business, to look at it from a different angle "the corporate" or the business owners that are planning to expand the town could have a secret task force that coule "take care" of the rebels/

There is tonnes of novels to be squeezed from this town and what better opportunity to do the research the town then coming to visit us at Sussex Regional High School. 

In conclusion Sussex is ripe with opportunity for a novel, I hope that you scrounge an idea from our town and that we get to meet you in person soemtimes through out the school semester.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr. King,

This past week in school, I have learned a lot about you and what you have done in the world of literature.  I have never read a single book of yours; however I am very interested in reading them from the positive reviews from many people.  Anyways, I would like to ask you a few questions that involve you as a writer now, in the past and your thoughts about this community.  Now, without further ado, here are my questions to you Mr. King.

First of all, are you thinking of or working on some sort of future project or novel in literature?  I ask this because I understand that you have written around 50 novels and I would like to know if I could look forward to anything new with you in the future.

Second, with being the best-selling horror author in history and one of the greatest authors of all-time, do you have any regrets publishing books of your caliber of creepiness? The reason I ask this is because with the people that happens to be insane or may have tried to reenact the unimaginable events you put in your stories.

My last questions i would like to ask is are you interested in visiting the town of Sussex, and more specifically Sussex Regional High School.  You see, the reason I ask this is because our school has been wanting you to come down for quite some time.  In my opinion, I believe you would be a wonderful influence and inspiration to us and perhaps we could return the favour to you.

Mr. King, I hope you will get the chance to read my questions, and possibly answer them.  I hope that our school will influence you to come to Sussex for a visit.  I look forward to encountering you in the future.

Brady Jones

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

You haven't written a book in a while and visiting Sussex might give you the next great book or movie.  There are so many things in this tiny town that you could write about.  You could write about the Abby, an old castle house in the woods with an old man that frightens children that trespass on his land.  You could write about the animals at Animal-Land that has been closed for years but is rumored that the animals come to life at night.  Sussex is famous for the bluff, a cliff that is a popular spot for family hiking that drops off quickly.  There are a lot of graveyards around Sussex that at night are scary as hell; there is one in particular, on Newline Road that the road goes right through the graveyard.  There are hundreds of tomb stones on each side of the road all lit up with lights and at night you would swear that people are walking in front of the lights.  We also have a potash mine here that travels underground for miles.  I really think that you could come up with some really good stories when you visit our tiny town.  I really hope you can come to Sussex, and visit our school.  A lot of people wish you would come.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

 I am writing you this letter to ask you a question about your books and what drives you to write these crazy novels?  I am a huge fan of yours.  I didn't know about your books till I entered high school this year.  We started talking about it in my English class and ever since then I became very interested in your books.  As a reader I do enjoy reading scary novels because they are intense and suspenseful.  I wanted to ask you a couple questions.  Where do your ideas come from? I think it is amazing how you can come up with these extraordinary ideas from the real life to a crazy insane story.  Hopefully someday soon you will be able to answer my questions at our school.  I believe you are a great inspiration to others became of how well you write and dedication as an author.  I strongly encourage you to come to Sussex Regional High School because we would love for you to come and answer our questions about how to become a better writer.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

My question to you , is what is it like to be on of the most greatest writers of all time?  You have written so many great books and you have so many fans.  You must have a pretty busy life.  It is a wonder how you get a time to write all your books and have to for other things.

Another question I have for you is what is your favourite book in the whole world?  It is probably on of your own since you must not get that much time to read. 

I also suggest you write a very short but amazing story, so when new English textbooks are made, we can put one of your stories in it!

Thanks for taking the time for reading this!  My whole family is a fan of yours and I would love to meet you one day.


PS: RSVP or come to our school so we can talk in person.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

As a student of Sussex Regional High School, I was asked to write you a letter asking you any questions that I may have.  Personally, if I had to ask you a questions it would have to be what scares you most and why.  Considering you write so many horror novels, I was always curious to what scared you.  I was also wondering if any of your stories originate from your very own fears or perhaps nightmares.  If so, please explain.  If not, how do you come up with these stories? Also, are you by any way disturbed by your own stories?  If so, which ones?  If not please explain why.  I would love to know, it would be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,


Monday, October 8, 2012

Stephen King,

Sometimes I dream about a marching band chasing me forever and ever.  it just doesn't stop!  Sometimes I will be just going on with normal life and hear the booming of drums randomly and I will remember that dream.  I hope you will have a connection to my dream and maybe you can write about or if you come to Sussex you may just get a story from here!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

I have been wondering for a long time now where you got the inspiration to write your first book, "Carrie".  It was an amazingly unique theme at the time it was written.  When you found out it was to be published, what was running through your head?  Were you excited, nervous, or even angry it took that long to be published?  I have another question.  When you became famous, how did you deal with it and not let it go  to your head? Or, has it gone to your head? I'm asking these questions because my dream is to become a professional soccer player, and if I do become famous playing soccer I need some tips to not let it go to my head.  I would also like to know what it felt like to be so well regarded by the literary community?

Any thoughts you can give me on these issues would be greatly appreciated. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stephen King,

Hello! I am a student from Sussex Regional High School and I am writing to you yet again about our school's desire to have you visit us this year!  You are a very talented author and no one else would be welcomed more to our school than an amazing writer like yourself! I understand that when you write, you are to be inspired by something beforehand, and to do that you have got to get those creative juices flowing and absorb things around you in that constructive way!  I really believe that if you come to Sussex, you will be able to connect with this unique town and let you experience creative and inspiring feelings once again! Out town is surrounded by farms and a lot of open fields and if you think about it some of these places could inspire a possible novel setting!  Sussex is really old, so many of the outlying areas have old run-down barns and houses and believe me when I tell you that they could be the scariest place on earth during the latest hours of night! Really gets the adrenaline pumping!  This feeling is what readers experience when they read on of your novels, and anyone who had a frightening moment in a creepy place can confirm that it is a thrill worth having.  I think a creative mind like yours could come to Sussex and connect both emotionally and intellectually to the people and the culture.  You just might find yourself in the middle of an incredible story, even if it isn't written on paper!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi Stephen King,

I would murder a frog in order for you to come to Sussex Regional High School. 
I would fund-raise door to door in a thunder storm in order for you to come.
 I would tent outside the school.
 I would tent outside your house.
I would make you Pasta. 
I would make you as much pasta as you want (and I am a pretty good pasta chef)
I could make you sandwiches
If that is what you would prefer.

I would give you 485$ Canadian (and that is all the money I have)
I would walk 1/4th of the way across Canada.
I would hitchhike to your house.
I would draw you as many pictures as you want.
I would buy you a cat.
I would give you MY cat (and it is the only one I have left)
I would give you BOTH my budgies (I never really wanted them anyway)

I would write a DICTIONARY.
I would write a Thesaurus
and then re-write them in French!

I would buy you a suit.
I would like so much.
So, please come to us.
It is all I ask.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

I'm going to be honest with you, I had never heard of you before my school started trying to get you to come visit us.  Nevertheless, I've always wanted to ask a famous author who they got to there they are.  This type of thing doesn't just happen overnight?  I always assumed that being a writer is something you know you want to do since you were young, but is that true?  Or is it more of a hobby that turns into a job?

In addition to my other questions, what would you suggest is a good way to start if you want to be an author?  I haven't decided what I want to do when I'm older and I was wondering if writing is the right path for me. I do enjoy writing a lot and personally I think I might have some potential but I'm not sure how to start or how hard of a life it is.

I would love if you could come and visit our school and answer my questions.  it would mean so much for someone to come and help me decided on my future. Also I know there is some very big fans here that would love to meet you.  If you could set aside some of your time for our school I know it would be be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

I have always wondered what your parents think of your work? Were they supportive and happy that you decided to become an author or were they hoping that you would be something else?  Either way I still think you are a great author.  I enjoyed the movie Misery very much.  I never read the book but after seeing the movie I think the book would be just as interesting and also just as spooky.  I think it would be great to have you come to our school and tell us about yourself and what inspired you to write horror and mystery. You are a very scary man, but in a good way!  It would be an amazing experience to have you at our school.  I have visited your town already now it is time for you to visit ours.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Stephen King,

If I had the chance to ask you any question at all, I would ask you why you chose to write horror?  Ever since the first time I read a book written by you, I couldn't stop.  The suspense, the thrill I get with every book I read by you is like no other.  So, what is your story?  What is your reason for these creepy, crazy books I love so much?  Maybe not knowing is why these books speak to me this way.

One huge fan,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Mr. King,

As you are probably aware of, our school is determined on bringing you to our small community of Sussex, New Brunswick.  At a first glance, you might not think much more of this town than cows and farms (hence "Cow town"); however, perhaps there is more to discover.  Aside from farming, Sussex is famous for its many covered bridges.  Imagine a nightmare where you are driving along an old country back road, when up ahead, you see the entrance to one of these barn-like bridges.  The inside is dark so dark, that you cannot see the other side.  What you imagine to be three to five second of darkness under a roof suddenly becomes a whole new reality.  Then, all the horrors of the old wooden structure are released, interpreted as your deepest, darkest fears. it is a common joke for everyone riding in the car to scream at the top of their lunges while passing through those few moments of darkness, but until now, one never truly realized the origin of this "joke".  After those eternal few moments, you emerge out of the other side, but maybe it is not really you anymore, for you are forever changed and then you hear the screams of the people in the car behind you.  There are many covered bridges in Sussex, but maybe only one of them could create such a story.  It is yours to find if you decided to venture into our little town.

I do hope to meet you at some point in time.