Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

You haven't written a book in a while and visiting Sussex might give you the next great book or movie.  There are so many things in this tiny town that you could write about.  You could write about the Abby, an old castle house in the woods with an old man that frightens children that trespass on his land.  You could write about the animals at Animal-Land that has been closed for years but is rumored that the animals come to life at night.  Sussex is famous for the bluff, a cliff that is a popular spot for family hiking that drops off quickly.  There are a lot of graveyards around Sussex that at night are scary as hell; there is one in particular, on Newline Road that the road goes right through the graveyard.  There are hundreds of tomb stones on each side of the road all lit up with lights and at night you would swear that people are walking in front of the lights.  We also have a potash mine here that travels underground for miles.  I really think that you could come up with some really good stories when you visit our tiny town.  I really hope you can come to Sussex, and visit our school.  A lot of people wish you would come.


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