Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

 I am writing you this letter to ask you a question about your books and what drives you to write these crazy novels?  I am a huge fan of yours.  I didn't know about your books till I entered high school this year.  We started talking about it in my English class and ever since then I became very interested in your books.  As a reader I do enjoy reading scary novels because they are intense and suspenseful.  I wanted to ask you a couple questions.  Where do your ideas come from? I think it is amazing how you can come up with these extraordinary ideas from the real life to a crazy insane story.  Hopefully someday soon you will be able to answer my questions at our school.  I believe you are a great inspiration to others became of how well you write and dedication as an author.  I strongly encourage you to come to Sussex Regional High School because we would love for you to come and answer our questions about how to become a better writer.

Yours truly,

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