Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi Stephen King,

I would murder a frog in order for you to come to Sussex Regional High School. 
I would fund-raise door to door in a thunder storm in order for you to come.
 I would tent outside the school.
 I would tent outside your house.
I would make you Pasta. 
I would make you as much pasta as you want (and I am a pretty good pasta chef)
I could make you sandwiches
If that is what you would prefer.

I would give you 485$ Canadian (and that is all the money I have)
I would walk 1/4th of the way across Canada.
I would hitchhike to your house.
I would draw you as many pictures as you want.
I would buy you a cat.
I would give you MY cat (and it is the only one I have left)
I would give you BOTH my budgies (I never really wanted them anyway)

I would write a DICTIONARY.
I would write a Thesaurus
and then re-write them in French!

I would buy you a suit.
I would like so much.
So, please come to us.
It is all I ask.

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