Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Mr. King,

As you are probably aware of, our school is determined on bringing you to our small community of Sussex, New Brunswick.  At a first glance, you might not think much more of this town than cows and farms (hence "Cow town"); however, perhaps there is more to discover.  Aside from farming, Sussex is famous for its many covered bridges.  Imagine a nightmare where you are driving along an old country back road, when up ahead, you see the entrance to one of these barn-like bridges.  The inside is dark so dark, that you cannot see the other side.  What you imagine to be three to five second of darkness under a roof suddenly becomes a whole new reality.  Then, all the horrors of the old wooden structure are released, interpreted as your deepest, darkest fears. it is a common joke for everyone riding in the car to scream at the top of their lunges while passing through those few moments of darkness, but until now, one never truly realized the origin of this "joke".  After those eternal few moments, you emerge out of the other side, but maybe it is not really you anymore, for you are forever changed and then you hear the screams of the people in the car behind you.  There are many covered bridges in Sussex, but maybe only one of them could create such a story.  It is yours to find if you decided to venture into our little town.

I do hope to meet you at some point in time.


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