Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Stephen King,

My question to you , is what is it like to be on of the most greatest writers of all time?  You have written so many great books and you have so many fans.  You must have a pretty busy life.  It is a wonder how you get a time to write all your books and have to for other things.

Another question I have for you is what is your favourite book in the whole world?  It is probably on of your own since you must not get that much time to read. 

I also suggest you write a very short but amazing story, so when new English textbooks are made, we can put one of your stories in it!

Thanks for taking the time for reading this!  My whole family is a fan of yours and I would love to meet you one day.


PS: RSVP or come to our school so we can talk in person.

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