Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stephen King,

Hello! I am a student from Sussex Regional High School and I am writing to you yet again about our school's desire to have you visit us this year!  You are a very talented author and no one else would be welcomed more to our school than an amazing writer like yourself! I understand that when you write, you are to be inspired by something beforehand, and to do that you have got to get those creative juices flowing and absorb things around you in that constructive way!  I really believe that if you come to Sussex, you will be able to connect with this unique town and let you experience creative and inspiring feelings once again! Out town is surrounded by farms and a lot of open fields and if you think about it some of these places could inspire a possible novel setting!  Sussex is really old, so many of the outlying areas have old run-down barns and houses and believe me when I tell you that they could be the scariest place on earth during the latest hours of night! Really gets the adrenaline pumping!  This feeling is what readers experience when they read on of your novels, and anyone who had a frightening moment in a creepy place can confirm that it is a thrill worth having.  I think a creative mind like yours could come to Sussex and connect both emotionally and intellectually to the people and the culture.  You just might find yourself in the middle of an incredible story, even if it isn't written on paper!

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