Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
I would like to start off by saying what a radical person you are!  Your ideas blow my mind and the fact that you grew up in a small town similar to mine, yet became such a renowned writer is extreme.  Our school has been doing so much to try to get you to come.  We have had a book drive to help fill our library with your words of wisdom.  We have been raising awareness of your newest book 11/22/63.  We have banners in the lobby with you on them, Mr. King, YOU!  That is right we have your face hanging in all its glory front and center at Sussex Regional High School.
Stephen, may I call you that?  Sussex is a small town with a BIG history.  We are the mural capital of Atlantic Canada, the Dairy Center of the Maritimes and we are also the Covered Bridge Capital of Atlantic Canada.  We used to be a gigantic train town; we have a large non-operating train station that now serves as a visitor information and an epic ice cream parlour.  All these factors along with a large military history might just be able to give you all the information your mad (in a good way) brain needs to crank another amazing story. 
Just taking a walk through Sussex you can smell our Dairy air and check out things like our old school pharmacy and historic buildings like the Jones Place B + B.  Now that place has some stories to it!  But, let me tell you, the owners tell them much better than I ever could.  So you are just going to have to get down here and have a chat with Phil and Deb yourself.
So really, if you don’t come to Sussex you are completely missing out on a extravaganza of epic proportions that would be very exciting for you.  The people of Sussex, LOVE you and we want you.  We would be ecstatic to rack your brain and hear everything you have to say.
Yours Truly,

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