Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Stephen King,
                I am writing to you in regards to Halloween 2012. We as Sussex Regional High School are asking you to visit us in Sussex, New Brunswick. You are probably asking yourself you you’d do such a thing but that easy. Mr. King our town is tiny but we have so much to offer you if you did come. Our school would be privileged if someone like you came. SRHS has never had an author of your standards attend our school.
                I realize you’re busy, probably writing more scary novels or something, but you live in Maine, and if you think about it it’s a drive away. We’re like your neighbors. So why wouldn’t you want to come? Are you scared… maybe of our cows? Whatever the case may be, if you decide not to come many people will be disappointed. So come and I’m sure you won’t regret it!
                Also, if you like a quiet and peaceful place to relax and maybe experience a new setting for ideas to inspire you for a future novel, Sussex is the place to be! You could enjoy a tour through the underground mines or travel around the nearby areas and go through our many covered bridges. One visit here would change your life! No where’s is like it! Sussex is filled full of possibilities. Come and see for yourself!
                SRHS would be a gold mine for you. If you came, you could use this opportunity to sell or publicize your books! I’m sure people here would love to buy and autographed copy of any novel you have wrote.
                Face your fears and come on down!
                The choice is yours…

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