Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Stephen King,  
            I am Emily, a student from Sussex regional high school. Sussex is a small rural community which is known for the agricultural surrounding the town. As you know the teachers invited you to come to our school to tell your life and career experience. I am one of many students that would love for you to come and visit. Through this letter I will be explain to you why Sussex is worth coming to.
            First I’ll talk about Sussex and how special it is. People often call us ‘Cow Town’ because we have a lot of agriculture. We have many farms, and a lot of country side. It’s a peaceful and quiet place. We are also Mural capital of Atlantic Canada; our town is covered of historic murals telling the stories of our town. If you can come you could get a tour of the murals. Our town hostess many huge events, the annual Atlantic festival; where people come all over to watch a weekend full of balloon watching. The flea market also attracts people from all around to come to find some treasures. We Sussex citizens are very polite and kind, and we will make you feel welcomed and at home.
            Next I will talk about how your visit will help the student at SRHS. There are many students at the high school that enjoy reading and writing. But the teachers would like more students to be interesting in reading and writing. If you came many students and teacher would be inspired to become interest in writing and reading. They will also learn how to become successful and the difficulties in the business.
            This would also be great experience for you too. Coming to a small rural town and experience our different cultural could inspire you to write a book. It will make your image more positive to the press for coming to unfamiliar school and giving them advice and inspire their literature program in our school. The distance from Maine to Sussex is very convenient.
            It would be a great honour for our town and for the student if you came to Sussex; thank-you for taking your time and giving our school a chance. I hope you will consider this.

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