Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Stephen King,
            I am not going to lie to you. You are needed in Sussex. Think of it as a mission of sorts. Children in this fair valley are getting bored and border every day from lack of amazing and outstanding authors. As hard as that may be able to believe, it’s true. And, as well as saving children from a boring future, there are some interesting aspects of Sussex! For example, we have out wonderful murals, you would be an extremely big deal, and it isn’t that far of a drive.
            First of all, children look up to you. You are the HERO to some, and an inspiration to others. So just think about how amazing it would be to them if you, Stephen King, walking our fair halls of Sussex Regional High School. You could even find inspiration here! I can just imagine all the wonderful ideas that could spawn just from seeing all the happy faces of students looking up to you. Literally.
            Also, our murals are what make the valley of Sussex a real gem. You know, Sussex is the mural capital of Atlantic Canada. Our murals provide outstanding scenery and, although it’s been said a lot in the previous two paragraphs, can also lead to inspiration. You won’t see any murals like ours anywhere else, except maybe in a famous art museum.
            We happen to know that you live in Maine, Bangor to be exact. So it’s a small four or five hour drive to get to Sussex. Not that far when you think about it. Maybe two tanks of gas, but I’m sure the teachers in the school would be more than happy to pay that small amount of money for you if it’s to get you here! Many people from Sussex drive to Bangor and back every weekend, and they do it with a smile on their face when they think about how close Sussex is to Bangor!
            But, like most places, there are some drawbacks of Sussex. One being that we are a tiny, tiny town. We don’t have a large population, so you might not get as much publicity as you could in a big city. But just think of it! Sussex has a quaint little feel to it, and you’ll probably get a bigger welcome because of the lack of famous people.
            So there you have it. You are NEEDED in Sussex, mister King, sir. We’re ready to introduce you to our friendly faces, our amazing murals, and our big publicity in our papers. We will welcome you with open arms. We need Stephen King.
Sincerely yours,

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