Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Stephen King,
SRHS wants you to come to our little old school. We want you to come inspire and teach us about writing. You could come and see the sights. You would even get lots more publicity for your new book. You could even treat coming to Sussex like a vacation.
When you decide to come to Sussex, you would inspire a lot of the students at SRHS to follow their dreams and become writers. A lot of us at this school adore you’re books and would like nothing more than to see you in person. By just writing you have inspired a good majority of teens to write, imagine what would happen if you came in to our school and talked to us or maybe even taught us something.
When you come to Sussex you could get some new ideas for your next book. Sussex has a lot of great scenery like the covered bridges and we have a lot of cows. You could write your next book about killer cows on a covered bridge. See already an idea and you’re not even in Sussex yet. You could unlock a whole new world of stories when you come to Sussex. We even have the largest cow statue and her baby.
You may ask yourself why go to such a small town? Well small towns have their benefits. For one the air is much cleaner than big cities. You would have a lot of publicity because nothing big ever happens in small towns. You would also be in the spot light most of the time. But the up side to being in a small town is that you can get away from all the spot lights and go back to a quaint little B&B and write down all your great new ideas for all those new books.
So you see the question is not why go to Sussex, it is how long do I have to wait to get to Sussex? You will have the chance to inspire and teach us kids. You will get lots of publicity for your work. You will possibly get new ideas for some of your upcoming books and you will get some clean air. What more could you ask for?
Sincerely yours,

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