Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Mr. King,
 I am writing you to convince you that you should come to my school “Sussex regional high school” on October 31st, 2012. Sussex is a great place to live in my opinion, and I really think you would enjoy your visit here in Sussex, we have many good and interesting qualities about our town; we have the mines which would be a cool spot you could get a tour through, we have the balloon fiesta every year which a cool and exciting thing that goes on in Sussex, the queen came to Sussex cause she realized it was such a great and peaceful town.
We are the mural capital of Canada; there are murals everywhere throughout Sussex. The murals represent all of our agricultural that our town has, from ginger ale to Sussex dairy products. If you are a fan of golfing we have a very nice and well-kept golf course and it’s not too challenging either. If you like cows Mr. King then you for sure have to come to Sussex. Sussex would be a great spot you too maybe start brainstorming about another book.
Since I know you’re a huge red sox fan, if you come to our school two weeks early or so you will be able to watch our baseball team which are the same colors as the red sox, and maybe just as good too. The day you are invited to come is of course Halloween and since our school has serious sonic swag many kids will be dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Then our school picks the best costume.
So Mr. King I listed many reasons why you should come to our school and to our town, but most of all our school wants you to come I want you to come to our school. Please Mr. King I know you want to come to our school.

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