Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear Stephen King:
                Have you ever wanted to make a book about a small town and get some ideas in the process, well Sussex is the place you should be in! We will help you in your book and make it an enjoyable experience.
                I strongly think you should come here is because since you grew up in a small town, I think you should give Sussex a chance because we are such a small community and if you came here you would gather a bunch of new ideas and stuff for your books. Even though we are a small town there is a bunch of stuff that goes on here that you could come up with an idea instant.
                You know deep inside that you want to come here because everyone comes here to get away from cities and all the noise, we also have a lot of places for eating and others such as walmart that might even give you some stuff free! Also it’s just a small far away so you could come here and it won’t even take that long also you make other kids want to write.
                If you come here, other small towns and cities might think that if he comes to small towns, maybe we could make him come here. You will gain popularity better than other writers, which makes it so you sell more of your books. We also have a lot of unique places in this town such as the wilderness and murals and some abandon buildings, which makes it good for horror stories.
                We understand that you are busy all the time with books and ideas, but I don’t think you should let Sussex down, just give it a chance and if you don’t like it you can leave! But we still have other writers who come here and enjoy it. As we will help you be happier here and we will make your stay seem like it is forever because we care about popular people such as yourself and we strongly suggest that if you come here, you see every part of the town. You won’t be disappointed.
                                                                                                                                                                Yours truly,

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