Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Stephen King,           
            Why waste your time and money coming to a small town like Sussex? You might feel as if you are caving in, and before you know it, everyone in the country will be writing letters inviting you to their school. Also, it may be hard to get committed to coming here when you have such a busy schedule, but I promise once you get here, it’ll be a visit well worth it.
            First of all, not only will this be beneficial to the students at SHRS, however it will very well help you promote all your novels that I’m sure you’ve spent many hours on.  In fact, you are already becoming well-known here even before your appearance. Just in the last couple of days, you have been in the Kings County record; therefore, many people who didn’t know who you were before are now purchasing your books. Also, if you come to Sussex you will be able to inspire many of the students and will help with their creativity and writing skills. What I’m saying is this one trip will aid the students in English courses all throughout high school and into university.
            Also, there are so many great tourist attractions that are only a short distance away.  Few kilometers from our Dairy Town, you’ll find the good old potash mine. If you take notice of many of the buildings, you will realize you’re surrounded by many beautiful murals.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come back to the province you used to spend so much time in? The small town of Sussex would be honored to have someone as talented as you come and share you knowledge with us. 

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