Tuesday, January 3, 2012

   Mr. King,
                As you have already heard, I am sure, my school Sussex Regional High would very much enjoy it if you made an effort to come and visit our friendly school. I understand completely if you do not want to continue on reading this, seeing as you have probably already read half of my other schoolmates’; but as a tenth grade student enrolled in English , I believe it would be in your best interests if you continued on reading.
                Of course I understand that this trip to Sussex may feel useless and maybe a bit over your comfort level of expenses, but do you not think that it is worth it? Could it maybe in the slightest way be a bit rewarding? I mean think about it; you come to my school, tell me about your books and why everyone should read them, I go and buy and/or read your books, I tell my friends how good they were so they read them, and it would continue on and on and before you know it you will be even more famous than you are already ! If I were you, I would have taken the offer up the moment I go it. This could do huge things!
                I bet you didn’t know that around Sussex when someone famous comes around, it is a big deal. I have that you don’t like being around crowds, but with Sussex you have nothing to worry about. Us hicks around here are real welcomin’. We once had the Queen here you know! Boy I can tell you, she loved it here in little ol’ Sussex. I should know I was there! Anyway back on topic, just because we are small doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t appreciate you. In fact, I believe that because we are so small we would be a better audience. No crazy line ups of people waiting for autographs or anything like that, just some students/staff wanted someone interesting to visit and tell their story.
                Lastly, I bet you didn’t know that Sussex would be a perfect spot for a new novel or movie idea, with covered bridges, mad cows, and many murals, it wouldn’t be difficult to make a story of your kind around here. Just hear me out: You tell that you stories are bases on life and things you see right? Right! So if you took a trip to Sussex, looked around, maybe you would have the start of your new novel. Seems pretty simple to me, but then again what do I know? I am just a student at SRHS seeking the presence of an amazing writer named Stephen King.
                Now that you have read all this, I hope that you have at least an idea of what a presence of you would mean to us Sussex Folks.  I mean think about it, you will sell more books, perhaps write a new book and you will be very welcomed. If you would just take one day out of your life and come and visit SRHS, you will not regret it!
P.S. I am begging you to please some to my school! I swear the rest of my schoolmates (and me) are going to go crazy with all of this suspense of whether or not there is a chance that you will come to Sussex. You should know what suspense feels like, right?

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