Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
My name is Olivia.  I’m a student at Sussex Regional High School in New Brunswick, Canada.  Me and my school would like you to consider visiting our town and our school.
Sussex is a small, friendly community that you and your wife would both enjoy.  It is very attractive with its many great restaurants, a skiing mountain, mines and farms.  We are prepared to compensate you for travel expenses as well as accommodations. 
Our school is full of fans and admirers of your writing. It would be a pleasure to hear your advice and inspire our future authors.  We have many questions and would love to hear about the ups and downs to being a famous writer. 
We would also like you to consider Sussex as a possible location for book signing as a promotion for your latest book.  You would welcomed and appreciate by many admirers and buyers. 
It would be an honour for you to accept.  Please contact us at SRHS website or call 1-506-432-2017 to discuss.
Thank you,

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