Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
Since the beginning of school in September, my school has came up with the idea that you, Stephen King, should come to Sussex Regional High School.  I’m fine with the idea of you coming to our school, but many students keep saying that you’re not coming, ever!  I believe that you can prove them wrong if you only came to Sussex Regional High School.
There are many reasons why you should drop everything and come to Sussex, New Brunswick.  First of all, if you come to Sussex, it could inspire you to write another novel.  This would be a very good idea if you’re suffering from writers block and don’t have any idea what to write. 
Another reason why you should come is that it would improve your image as well as ours.  I know many students who have no clue who you are.  By coming here, it could spread your name and make you even more famous, than you already are.
The final reason why you should come to Sussex Regional High School is because students who want to become authors can talk to you and get excited about the prospect of becoming a great author like yourself. 
In the end, I think it would be cool if you came to Sussex, New Brunswick.  Just think who the students’ faces would light up when they saw you walk through the school doors.  I can’t wait until you come!

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