Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
I’m a student at Sussex Regional High School.  We are a small town at the south of New Brunswick.  We have a lot of cows around. If you’re here in early September, we have giant statues of cows.  Where else in the world could you get a picture with a giant cow?  If you come, we plan to have spook trail about you. 
I can tell you something about our school!  We don’t give up easily.  By now you’ve probably read hundreds of letters about why you should come to our school.  If you decided NOT to come next year, we’ll send letters next year to get you to come and the year after and so on, so forth.
The school has effort been trying to get us to become huge fans.  Personally I’d say its working.  We’ve watched your movies, had book drives, an assembly, put up posters and had a book release for you newest book “11/22/63”.  In the book drive we collected 60 books.
If we got a world famous writer here we could learn so much.  I know that writing is my weak point.  If you come, you could help us with writing and tell us about your inspiration.

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