Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Mr. King
So you hate small towns and cows than never come to Sussex regional high school. But if you want to see creepy barns, abandoned mines, and forests that gleams with an eerie light when the moon is joust right then this will be interesting for us all. The theme of these letters is to get you to come to our school and it would be awesome if you could come but one thing that I think you are asking yourself is “why would I come to a school in New Brunswick with nothing to offer you but joyful hearts and admiring eyes?” Well we also have plenty of old buildings and wide fields for the inspiration of a new novel or part of a novel you are currently writing. Now this is not always the thing that people would find interesting but you are a person of great vision and ideals. Our small town is not like the amazing feats that you are probably used to, but there is just something special about a small town and the community and secrets it holds.
You are an inspiration to so many and if you came to our small school you will inspire so many more. There many local writers that would love to meet you. Young men and women that are thinking of fallowing in the path of the literary arts but need that last tip over the edge of indecision. You may be the only way that people find a way to express what they feel and just relieve the burden of not knowing how they will do after high school for a job.
Last but not least the publicity of coming to a small town. There is not much that happens in a small community such as the Sussex area and the surrounding community’s so to have a famous author come and grace us with his presence it would gain a lot of publicity from the radio, and local people. So if you could come and attend our school for the Halloween of 2012 we would probably have a song and dance ready to go for your arrival to our school.
Yours truly

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