Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
It would be a great honour and privilege if you could come visit Sussex.  But it would not be beneficial to us, it would be beneficial to you.  You might think that coming to Sussex would be a waste of your time, but in all reality, Sussex is an ideal vacation spot.  We are the dairy and mural capitals of Atlantic Canada, and the scenery is quite nice.  It could even provide new literary inspiration.  Think of the mines deep underground, the railway or the old covered bridges.  On top of that, a big author like you visiting a small town such as Sussex could provide great publicity for you.  You may think that not everyone in our community would appreciate an accomplished novelist such as your, but the number of kids that you would teach and inspire would be greatly outweigh the ones that wouldn’t benefit.
We guarantee our hospitality if you so choose to visit Sussex, and we also guarantee that you would thoroughly enjoy your experience.
Yours truly,

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