Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
                Sussex is a great town.  You should come here because we are the mural capital of Canada.  We also have a lot of farms.
                The Potash mines are also a big attraction.  Now, before you start getting all worried and claustrophobic, listen here.  The walls are reinforced and think about what great stories you can tell and write.  If you find a skeleton, even better.
                Another thing that we have is a balloon festival. If you come to Sussex, we might just be able to advertise for you there.  Maybe we could even sell some of your books. If you are worried about along drive, don’t.  It’s only a three hour drive from there to here. 
                We also have lots of covered bridges.  They would be a great place for a murder don’t you think.  Finally, this school really wants you to come and we would really appreciate it.  

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