Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Mr. King,           
            Hello, I am a tenth grade student at Sussex Regional High School, population of 900, and I am writing to ask you to take time from your busy schedule to visit our little town of Sussex, New Brunswick. Our school took on the initiative to try to bring you here around Halloween of 2011. We are asking you that one year from then, Halloween 2012; you visit our School. We would be honored to host you, and would make you feel right at home, which is easy in a town where everybody knows your name.  I understand that you taught in our province many years ago, and we are asking you to return to New Brunswick.
            Coming to our school would be a great opportunity for you to expose our students to your style of literature, and to promote your novels. Our school has already had a Stephen King book sale, which heightened the interest of your potential visit.
            Our town is so unique. With over 25, we are the mural capital of Atlantic Canada, and also that of covered bridges. The second largest deposit of potash in the world is located about 4km outside of Sussex. Oh, and the cows. We probably have the largest deposit of those in the world. But in all seriousness, perhaps visiting Sussex will inspire you to write a novel about a killer calf named Cowjo.
            Yes, if you were to speak at our school, it would be the biggest thing to happen to Sussex since the Queen’s visit in 2002. I was lucky enough to be in the same room as her, and Stephen King would be a notable addition to my list. If we were fortunate to have you, you would be speaking in our newly renovated theater. We raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to refurbish our old theater, and now that it’s finished, it’s beautiful.
            Thanks for your consideration, and I hope to see you next year.


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