Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello Stephen King,
I am a student of Sussex Regional High in the town of Sussex, New Brunswick.  If you have heard of it, I’d really be surprised.  We’re a small town in rural Canada, and our greatest pastimes usually have something to do with cows.  It’s the way we roll around here.  Now I have to say that around here many, many people have had their lives affected by your novels and movies.  It seems that every other book I see someone reading is one with the big, recognizable word “KING” written on the cover, and  a large classroom was filled with students watching 1408 and The Secret Window, both of which are amazing and will never be forgotten by anyone there.  You are one of the most talented authors ever, and I know that both my community and my school would be honoured by your consideration of coming to visit.  Your actual presence: Mayhem

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