Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello from the middle of nowhere,
I wouldn’t blame you if you have no heard of the town of Sussex, located in New Brunswick, Canada.  Before moving back recently, I hardly knew anything about this place.  Although it is a beautiful province, at night it is an ideal place for ones imagination to wonder from place of serenity, to that which may boarder line paranoia.  This fact shows itself on the outskirts of town where every nook and cranny can be thoroughly examined by ones darker outlook.  That is one who knows what most refuse to see. 
Even with those who do not or have not read one of your books, there are a many who have and draw inspiration from what they have read.  As one of life’s greater writers, it would be a real treat if you would pay a visit to Sussex Regional High School.  A place filled with minds waiting to be sculpted by one so blessed in a literary sense.

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