Friday, March 23, 2012

Stephen King,
I am an 11th grade student from Sussex Regional High School in New Brunswick.  Here in the small town of Sussex, we have taken a great interest in your work.  We have been collecting your books in our school library and we will be having Indigo come to host a book launch for 11/22/63.  Furthermore, we had a film festival, which I attended, at which we watched your movies, “1408” and “Secret Window”.  I had previously seen and loved the two movies.
I am a avid reader and though I have currently never read any of your book, I plan to do so in the future.  I am, however, aware of your great success, and as an aspiring writer, I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet a famous author such as yourself.  Being aware that my school would absolutely love to have you come around next Halloween, it would be a once-in-a0lifetime opportunity for me to meet you, so I would personally find it to be absolutely amazing if you would take my school’s visit request into consideration.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

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