Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stephen King,
You should come to Sussex Regional High School.  Why? You ask.  Well I could sit here and list them off or I could give you the three main reasons why you, Stephen King, has to come to Sussex.
For starters, Sussex isn’t far from your home in Maine.  At the most it is a three hour drive.  It would be understandable if you lived way over in the sticks in Japan and didn’t have time or you didn’t want to spend money on a plane ticket to stay for one day, but that’s the thing!  See, you don’t have to travel very far at all.  I think you caught my drift on this reason.
Secondly, coming to Sussex would be a good way to promote your books and gather other wonderful ideas for books.  To be honest with you, I’ve heard of maybe one of your books and that was only a month ago.  Now that I know who the mastermind behind some amazing movies is, I would love for you to come!
When you come to little Cowtown Sussex, which we all know you will, it will be good for your image.  You know just exactly what I mean too.  Doing things like this is like volunteer work.  We want you to come because who doesn’t like a good author?  All I’m saying is that we would love for you to come.  Who knows what could happen?  Bring some books and you may make a good amount of money!
On the contrary, you may be scared of some of the things.  It may  be cows, the potash mine, or even just how small Sussex is.  Sussex really isn’t that small though.  And you wouldn’t have to go near the mine or the cows if you didn’t want to.    All-in-all you don’t have anything to worry about. 
In conclusion you really don’t have any reason to not come now do you?  So Stephen King, you are know exactly what you’re doing next October, and that is coming to Sussex Regional High School


  1. actually its six...just saying

    1. It is four and a bit: