Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
You are a very popular person in our small town of Sussex.  Your horror books and movies are great and well known here.  We here at Sussex Regional High School would be honoured if you could come and participate in an upcoming event starting next Halloween. 
The event is a Halloween spook trail were we turn the high school into a house of horror; but this year we want it to be different we want to base it off your books and films.  But we will need to watch more of your movies and read more of your books in order to fill the whole school.  If you come maybe you will give us some more ideas.
We here at SRHS don’t only like your books and films but our parents do as well.  My father has all of your books hard covers and it would be awesome if you would maybe sign some books for people here as well. 
Also by you coming here you could offer the people of Sussex Regional High a huge educational opportunity being a legendary author and all.  You would give people new ideas and encourage them to read and write more often.
Well Mr. King I hope you take my letter into consideration.
Yours truly,

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