Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Stephen King,

We would like you to be our guest at the small town of Sussex New Brunswick.  Your trip will not be in vain for you will see the lovely people (who most admire your work), the beautiful scenery and the best of all the students of SRHS. 

First of all, your work would be known throughout New Brunswick, and this visit would amount to great publicity.  Picture this, “Stephen King Returns to NB” printed in papers and top story on CTV news.  The amount of your books being sold and movies sold will sky rocket!
The scenery in Sussex and throughout New Brunswick is extraordinary.  If it’s October when you visit you can see the many colourful hills that surround us and the wildlife we live alongside.  (It may even be a good foundation for a new book). Sussex and its surrounding areas have a large amount of old covered bridges which are rather scarce in Canada.  We are also known as the mural capital of Atlantic Canada with approximately 25 splendid murals throughout Sussex and Sussex Corner. 

Last but not least are the students of SRHS that are dying to meet a celebrity of such profound work.  You would inspire some of us to work harder on our writing and even convince some of us to become authors ourselves. 

I know that you could be feeling a little uncertain about presenting yourself to the town.  I can assure you we are very friendly and other authors that we have has visit here such as Beth Powning and Herb Curtis and they leave with a smile on their face.

For the reasons above we would love to see you here next year.  We can assure you that your trip to Sussex will not be in vain.

Sincerely Yours,

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