Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Stephen King,
Literacy , how important is it?  Here at Sussex Regional High School it is highly promoted.  We even have our own literacy committee and we would love to come have you support our cause as we support your writing.  Why come to Sussex?  There are multiple reasons!
To being with, what great publicity it would be for you.  And who doesn’t want all the publicity they can get?  Your sales would rise and there would be press there, you would become ore known, if that is even possible.
There is tons of inspiring and beautiful country-side.  It could help you overcome and could be the lead on your next top selling novel!  There is abandoned mines, ice caves, factories and farm buildings. 
Last but not least, you would meet and inspire many young and old writers alike.  You would get the chance to meet an unforgettable body of you, talented students and the community that has helped shaped them. 
I hope you consider all that I have said and grace our wonderful school with your presence.  There would be great publicity, inspiring places and wonderful young people. 

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