Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Mr. King,
            I am a grade ten student enrolled in Sussex Regional High School.  Sussex is a small town in New Brunswick, Canada.  There are around nine-hundred students in our school in my school, and we all would love to have you come for a visit. 
            Why would you come to Sussex?  It is a small, boring town in New Brunswick.  Most of the kids probably have not read your books anyway, so what’s the point?  As soon as you come to one school, every school is going to want you.  That would be expensive!  You are probably too busy writing another book to bother visiting kids how hardly read at all.        
We may be small, but we sure are friendly!  Just ask the Queen, even she has been here! We are the Mural and Dairy Capital of New Brunswick, and we have covered bridges.  This means you will never be bored on your visit because there are lots of things for you to see.  Not to mention, that Sussex Regional High school had a brand new theater for you to speak in.
You are inspiring to a lot of kids here.  They look up to your writing and you as a person having gone through all that you have.  Everyone would be ecstatic to see you walking our halls.  Not many authors take the time to come to this little town.  Just think how happy you would make your fans!        
The kids a Sussex Regional High School would love to get out of class and hear you talk about all of the novels that you have written.  All of the teachers would love it is you came and inspired students to read and write more.  It’s not like you are far away, you can just come down on a Friday, talk to us kids, maybe see some sights, and then go back to Maine Sunday.  You used to teach in New Brunswick, you know that not every money author take the time to talk to us.  Students would love to hear your tips on writing, and how we can enrich our knowledge in literature, so that we can impress our teachers.
Sussex might not be the biggest, but we would love it if you took time out of you schedule to come to speak at our school.  You can promote you novels, and it’s not going to take a lot time or money to get here.  All staff and students would love it if we could talk to us, and get some tips.

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